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10-Minute Workouts For Fat Loss

Having trouble finding time to exercise now that you're a parent?  Fear not because it is possible to accomplish a quality workout and get rid of that "parent blubber."  Here are a couple 10-minute bodyweight workouts to help you.

By: Ed Scow, NSCA-CPT: Certified Fitness & Nutrition Expert to the True Superheroes - Busy Moms & Dads and author of Fat Loss To Go

I’m a dad and that is quite possibly the coolest thing in the world. I cannot think of anything more important or more rewarding than helping my children mature and learn.

Sure there are bumps and bruises along the way, along with a lot of gray hair and sleepless nights on my part, but that’s okay.10-minute workouts for busy parents

However, one big part of parenting is the lack of free time.

All those hobbies and the ability to pick up and go whenever and wherever you felt are gone once that little one pops out into the world.

One of the first things to go for many parents is the workout. It’s just not deemed important enough for many parents to justify spending the money on gym memberships, driving to and from the gym, and spending so much time working out when they now have a kid (or kids) to take care of.

The really cool thing is that that doesn’t have to be the case.

Why? Because you can get an effective, fat burning workout done in only 10 minutes!

Sound impossible? Sound like I’m delusional or a little crazy?

Maybe, but what I’m not is a liar or a con artist. It’s true that 10-minute workouts do work and they can work very, very well if done right.

As a trainer, one of the biggest reasons for not working out from many clients is "I don’t have enough time". Well, 10-minute workouts effectively render that excuse worthless.

Who doesn’t have 10 minutes?

When done properly, a 10-minute workout can give you as good, if not better, results than the long, drawn out workouts you’re so used to reading about and doing.

You have to cut out the fluff.

10-minute workouts need to be focused on only the most effective fat burning exercises and fat burning workouts. If you spend too much time on fluff exercises like bicep curls, triceps extensions, leg extensions, or any other "isolation" type move, you render the workout useless and your results will suffer.

Your time is precious. You have too many things pulling you in too many directions, which means that getting to the gym on a regular basis is not an option.

Any 10-minute workout should be done using only exercises that can be done from home, without a lot of expensive, without a lot of space and should be able to be done whenever you have the time. 

Take this quick bodyweight workout for example...

1A) Burpee w/Push-up - 8 reps10-minute bodyweight workout

1B) Inverted Row - 10 reps

1C) Reverse Lunge - 10 reps/leg

1D) Lunge Pulse - 15 reps/leg

1E) Fast Mountain Climber - 15 reps/leg

That workout has a few benefits for it, especially when comparing it to something you'd normally do at a health club.

First, it works your entire body. You'd be hard pressed to find an area of your body that workout did not work - the push-up works your chest, abs, shoulders and triceps. The inverted row works your back and biceps. The lunges work your entire leg and the mountain climber works your shoulders and core.

Oh and the burpee and mountain climber also act as "cardio" movements that increase the intensity of the workout.

See what I'm saying?

If you do that workout non-stop for 10-minutes, or rest very, very little, then you will know and understand the points I'm trying to make.

You can do quality workouts when you're a busy parent...you just need to know what to do and how best to spend your time.

10-minute workouts are a great way to spend your time and will give you the results you're after!

If you'd like another example of a 10-minute workout designed just for busy moms and dads like you, click here ---> 10-minute workout for busy parents

Sound cool?

Now get to working and watch that fat melt off!

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