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10-Minute Workouts For Six Pack Abs

Want to lose stomach fat, but have trouble finding enough time on a daily basis to workout?  Here's how you can lose stomach fat while doing 10-minute workouts - as well as how to make them intense enough to see a metabolic disturbance every time!

By: Ed Scow, NSCA-CPT: Certified Fitness & Nutrition Expert to the True Superheroes - Busy Moms & Dads and author of Fat Loss To Go

I don’t think I can remember someone hiring me as a trainer who didn’t want some sort of abs workout.

Everybody wants to lose fat from their stomachs…even me!workouts for abs  I'm not a fatty, but I have a little extra cushion that I want gone...always in beach mode!

But what does it take? What do you have to do to lose stomach fat?

Can you lose it with a 10-minute workout?

You absolutely can and I’ll show you how!

The true key to losing stomach fat and getting six pack abs is burning all that blubber off your gut. I know, I know that’s a profound statement, isn’t it…

But that statement needed to be said. Why? Because all too often people who want to lose stomach fat and get six pack abs spend way too much time doing cardio and all these worthless abs exercises like sit-ups, crunches, twists or using some ridiculous piece of abs exercise equipment they saw on TV.

Those things don’t work and will not do a thing for you if you want to lose stomach fat and get six pack abs.

So why would a 10-minute workout work? Isn’t that just another gimmick that I just blasted?

No, 10 minute workouts are not just some gimmick. They work, and they work well (my wife and I are testaments to that!)

The true key to 10-minute workouts for six pack abs is in the correct exercise selection, intensity and consistency.

You have to do the right exercises in the right order to lose stomach fat.

When doing a 10-minute workout, you need to focus on full body fat burning exercises, not isolation exercises. So exercises like push-ups, rows, squats, lunges, planks, mountain climbers, jack knifes, etc. rather than biceps curls, triceps kickbacks and leg extensions.

You also need to focus on using the right amount of intensity when doing a 10 minute workout for six pack abs. You can’t just float through the workout and not "feel" like you’re working out. You need to make sure the resistance used (weight) is tough enough that you can only do 8-12 repetitions. If you feel like you can do 20, increase the resistance. Trust me, that’s necessary.

Probably the most important factor of an effective 10-minute workout for six pack abs is that of consistency.

You can’t workout one day, then skip a few days and jump back in.

You will not see results, or if you do, they’ll be limited. You need to stick with the fat burning program for at least 3 months before you can judge its effectiveness.

This is the biggest factor I see with my clients who are frustrated with their results. They come see me for a week and are working hard, then they have to go out of town and totally fall off the wagon for a week or two, and then come back and miss a workout because their kid got sick, or whatever.

You have to stick with it. That’s why these workouts are so effective. Everybody has 10 minutes to devote to a fat burning workout!

Find a program that allows you to stick with those 3 keys and you will succeed. 

Here's a quick example of a 10-minute workout to help you lose stomach fat:

1A) Chin-up w/Knee Raise - 6 reps

1B) Spiderman Push-up - 10 reps

1C) Stationary Lunge - 8 reps/leg

1D) Jump Split Squat - 16 reps

1E) Burpee - 10 reps

Perform that workout as a circuit, completing as many circuits as you can in 10 minutes. If you have an extra 5-10 minutes, then go longer...but don't go much longer than 20 total minutes.

Here's a couple more links for you to watch, and try, some 10-minute abs workouts:

10-Minute Workout Video For Abs

4-Minute Six Pack Abs Workout Video

Okay, now give those workouts a try and watch the fat fall off your stomach! 


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